Friday, July 9, 2010

Nutty Bar is good eats!

No, I didn't see Alton Brown cozy up to the counter for a succulent Nutty Bar while I visited Arnold's Park, but I did see a car pull up near the entrance and out of it emerged a stylish woman in her 80s. Inside the car, her lady friends awaited their beloved ice cream treats. I followed the woman inside the store, which has stood in the same exact location for decades. Definitely since this woman was in bobby socks and pigtails.

I offered to help her with the three Nutty Bars; she gladly accepted the aid rather than face the mad juggling of three top heavy, nut laden bars (coated in a rich, almost mocha-like chocolate - goodlordinheaven!). When I delivered the bars to her eager friends ("Curbside Service, ladies!", I announced, like the geek that I am), they giggled in appreciation and suddenly didn't look a day over 18.

Behold the magic of the Nutty Bar, an Arnold's Park staple, made the same quality way for generations. Sometimes it's very, very good when things stay the same.

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