Thursday, July 15, 2010

Master of all you survey...

Most amusement parks have some sort of ride that allows you to get the proverbial bird's eye view of the environs, but none come close, to me at least, as the sky ride. They're definitely a vanishing breed; Disneyland removed theirs years ago, much to my chagrin. The old "depot" in Fantasyland remained for a long time after the ride was plucked, an empty shack that always drew curious kids, wondering what it was, what kind of magic hid behind its wilting Tyrolean exterior.

The sky ride was first introduced at the Chicago World's Fair - Century of Progress in 1933. Called the aerial tramway (or the "Star Trek"-ian transporter bridge), it carried 4.5 million riders before it was demolished. Imagine the fair goers, gliding above the pavilions in rocket-shaped cars (which carried 36 people each! Much different from the usual gondola ride!), taking in all the space age newness!

While I've been "Cotton Candying", I've luckily encountered a number of sky rides and they always elicit the same response from me: I run to them, giddy with the expectation of surveying the park, doing some recon from up, up above.

Pictured is yours truly on Cedar Point's sky ride. My hubby informs me the ride used to be longer, but was shortened to bring in a new tangle of roller coasters.

I'm grateful the park decided to keep what they have. The gentle ride acclimates you to the energy of the park below and is a great way to start your Cedar Point day.

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