Thursday, July 22, 2010

Humid enough for ya?

Seriously, the weather here today in the greater Chicagoland area is thicker than glue and just as sticky. If I wanted to live in Florida, by gum, I would've moved to Florida. But no, instead I choose to live in an area where I can breathe in air rather than a flood of water. Actual water. I walked outside to my car this morning and I do believe I swallowed a lungful of water.

When we visited Hershey Park last month, it happened to be on a day where the humidity and the temperature were both easily in the 90s. I was afraid the costumed Kiss and Chocolate Bar characters would melt into puddles on the asphalt (never did see the Reese's guy -- and now I'm frankly worried).

Yours truly had to speed slurp her luscious hot fudge sundae, topped with life affirming and life sustaining Hershey's sauce. I'm a slow ice cream eater (all of us Turlows are), so the concept of "ice cream headache" is lost on me.

Luckily it was too darned hot for the headache to take effect.

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