Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where have the Kiddieland Rides gone? Read and learn!

Mercy buckets to Jill Chukerman-Test for sending me a "heads up" on this Chicago Tribune photo essay on the whereabouts of the beloved Kiddieland rides.

Just a little bragging rights here: I gave the gentleman at Nelis' Dutch Village the info about the auction of the Kiddieland rides and he bought the pumper cars, which now are enjoyed at his park.  I look at the photo here and get just a little misty.

Next up on my roadtrip: a visit to the reborn Santa's Village Azoosment Park to revisit two of these transplanted rides!

BTW: When I win the Powerball, after taking my Dad on a trip around the world and buying Ben a Borsalino, I'll be purchasing the German carousel, oh yes I will.,0,3120793.photogallery

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