Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back Out. No Fair. Will Pout Now.

I wish I could say I threw my back out while riding the Boulder Dash, the world's highest-rated wooden rollercoaster.  It curves along the dips and highs of the Lake Compounce hillside.  Ben rode it; I sat quietly with a twist cone because of my back.  Which I threw out the night before while bending over to wash my face.  I was washing my face and my back caved in, making the last two parks visited for my book a real physical chore.

But did I have a sack o' fun?  You bet I did!  Connecticut houses two wonderful vintage parks, Quassy and Lake Compounce.  Quassy's small-but-true, set near a lake where you can ride paddleboats, enjoy a host of vintage rides, or try your luck in the arcade (I was aiming to win the ultra-cool Quassy glass tumbler decorated with carousel ponies and stamped "Quassy", but, due to my physical limitations, was only able to win enough for a sippy cup and some candy.  Yes, I'm the proud owner of a Quassy sippy cup and, in a way, that's cool, too).

I couldn't have planned it better to visit Lake Compounce last, because it literally encompassed the best of so many of my favorite park attractions in one, easy-to-navigate place.  Listed as "The Oldest Amusement Park in the Country", it opened in 1846 and has kept growing since then. Besides the aforementioned coaster, it's home to an historic carousel, a scenic train ride, and an honest-to-goodness antique trolley!  My favorite bit of fun had to be the sky ride that takes you up so high, you can nearly touch cloud wisps.  I think I heard some angels tuning their harps, that's how high we went.

More to come, plus photos.  But right now, I have to get up and move around to help heal my back.  "It just isn't fair that this happened at all" says the squirmy kid in me.  But the older and wiser kid is very grateful I was able to enjoy these two classic parks...and witness the creation of the Biggest Cotton Candy Mountain in the World.

Tune in soon for photos, because seeing is believing.

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