Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday on the Blog with Photos!

10 years ago, my Mom left us. I'm sure she's keeping pretty busy in heaven, taking care of small, sweet beagles, enjoying all the chocolate she wants, and teaching the angels how to make The Perfect Daiquiri.

Last month we visited Disneyland to celebrate the 40th anniversary of my trip there with my Mom. We had the honor/privilege of dining at the ultra-exclusive Club 33. I ordered a daiquiri there, in her honor, placing the order the way I remembered she would: "I'd like a daiquiri made with fresh limes - no lime juice."

And that's what I got. With a Disney twist. Which I know my Mom would've appreciated. Because, as you can see, they're FRESH limes.

Love you, Mom (who just showed up,by the way. As I'm writing this, "In My Life" started playing on the radio. Followed by "Golden Slumbers")

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