Monday, March 28, 2011

Mom works in mysterious ways

So yesterday was the 10th anniversary of my Mom's passing. From time to time, Mom loves to show up and remind me that she's never far away. So on this auspicious occasion, I knew Mom would show up in her usual subtle way: a cardinal in the tree just outside my window, meeting a gentle dog while walking Ivy. That sort of thing. Well, apparently Mom really wanted to make sure that she knows I think about her everyday because yesterday was jam-packed with her subtle and not-so-subtle messages. And they came in a set of three. Mom used to show herself aftger her passing by having things happen in "threes". But as the months and then years went by, Mom would simply show up once in a while. But for this anniversary, Mom let 'er roll.

1. While writing yesterday's blogpost, two songs came on the radio: "In My Life" and "Golden Slumbers" (a lullaby version). Both very evocative of my Mom's energy, about remembering those you've lost, about maternal love. Subtle and very "Mom".

2. Ivy never takes her toys into her bed. It's just not her thing. But yesterday, when Ben threw her toy and she ran to get it, she took it straight to her bed and curled up with it. What is this toy, you ask? Her bee. Sounds suspiciously like Mom's name, Bea. So you've got that.

But Number Three on the list is the one I'm particularly moved by. And shocked and thrilled with. Because you can chalk it up to happenstance, but then you'd be narrow-minded and just plain wrong.

3. Decided to hit Youtube in search of an elusive video from Fairyland Park. I venture there every so often, about every month or so, in search of the super-rare, nearly impossible to find Super 8 movie-transferred to video-uploaded to Youtube. Expecting to find nothing, I did this later in the evening, so I'd be ready to sign off and toddle to bed. But after entering in "Fairyland Park, Lyons, IL" into the search engine, up popped the Holy Grail:

A family film taken back in 1974, toward the end of Fairyland's reign of the southwestern suburbs. Features some of the kiddie rides which lived under the canopy of the open air building which housed my carousel. Footage of the Ferris wheel (my Ferris wheel). And the octopus (not mine, because I got sick on it once), with MY beloved Paratrooper ride in the background.

Mom, this time you outdid yourself.

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