Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the itinerary: a weekend in Brooklyn

I rarely get bold-faced jealous of anyone, but I do have my moments regarding Samantha Brown, the plucky Travel Channel star who travels all over the world, stays at the best inns and otels, eats the local specialties, shops 'til she drop, and has even had a private audience with Mickey Mouse when she visited Disney World. This week, Samantha took you on a "Great Weekend Getaway" to her hometown, Brooklyn, New York. Part of that getaway included a visit to Coney Island and a performance of the Coney Island Freak Show.

Obviously, there's no way I can have my Cotton Candying NOT include a ride on the Wonder Wheel or the Cyclone, so I'll definitely be hitting Coney. And a nathan's Hot Dog (or as the locals say, a hawt dawg) will round out my visit.

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