Monday, October 21, 2013

Kiddieland Carousel Goes Up For Auction November 16, 2013

I keep telling folks, "When I win the Powerball, I have a lot of plans".  First will be paying off the mortgage and other Serious Adult Things That Need Attention.  Then there's taking Daddy for a trip of a lifetime to Vegas, where he'll stay in a high roller suite and eat lobster, and drink red wine that sells for $300 a bottle.

Then, I'll start saving all the amusement parks and all the classic, historic rides.  Like this one:

A carousel from Kiddieland Amusement Park. (Credit: Donley Auction Services.)
A carousel from Kiddieland Amusement Park. (Credit: Donley Auction Services.)

As many of you know, Kiddieland was the first park I visited for the book - and its closing was the impetus for my committing to write the book, to get the word out about vintage parks and their historic significance.
Give this article a gander.  You'll learn about the age of this amazing carousel, and what makes it a special amusement park collectible.
The auction house says it could fetch a pretty penny.  Well, if I win that Powerball by November 16 (I WILL win, just don't know when ...), I'll be throwing a whole bunch of pretty pennies at this one.  And, should I win it, I'll be donating it to a deserving park that will house it well and take good care of it.  That is my pledge and promise - you read it here, folks!

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