Thursday, October 3, 2013

Disneyland's Court of Angels - why it shouldn't close.

"Hey, come this way.  I want to show you one of my favorite parts of Disneyland."

I led my group of fellow birthday revelers from the New Orleans Square train stop to the Court of Angels, a quiet, tucked-away stairwell.

I welcomed the explosion of "ooh"s and "aah"s, and the outpouring of excited comments, recalling they were quite similar to those I had years ago upon encountering the Court for the first time:

"It's beautiful!"

"See?  THIS is why I love Disney so much!  Because they work hard to respect their history!  BOOM!"

"It's spooky and magical and I love it!"

"NOW I feel like I'm back in NOLA."

The Court des Anges is a quiet, contemplative area that's tucked away in a pocket of New Orleans Square.  Legend says it was built to be an entrance to an exclusive jazz club that Walt had envisioned for the area, just before his death.  Since then, it's been a meeting place, the setting for many a family photo, the backdrop for hundreds of marriage proposals, and, for me, a spiritual center, a place where I can truly connect with the beautiful spirits that have traversed through over the decades - including Walt himself.

Now, there's word that this area will be closed off to the public, engulfed in a refurb for the members' only Club 33.  And I'm fitfully angry and near tears.  Club 33 already has their own exclusive area.  Why should this lovely space be off-limits to the general public, the park goers who come back again and again to Disneyland, many of whom look for spaces that truly typify the "real" Disneyland, the less-commercial, more magical and thoughtful places?

Here's a link to my blog post about our mystical visit to the Court: 

Please, Disneyland Powers That Be.  Please don't cordon off this truly special area to only an elite few.  Thank you.

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