Friday, October 4, 2013

Ghost Lake at Conneaut Lake Park!! It would be crazy-spooky NOT to go!!


My beloved Conneaut Lake Park is at again, assembling a top-drawer haunted attraction for Halloween!  If you're in the greater Pittsburgh or Erie areas, you'd best head on out to CLP for their Ghost Lake super-colossal horror extravaganza!

From their website:

Check with your cardiologist before attempting the 13 LEVELS OF FEAR. The Longest and scariest Halloween attraction in the world. Over 160 live creatures who want to scare you like you've never been scared before. Ambulance standing by for those that get too frightened.

Among the attractions are Clown Town (Come on. Fess up.  Who ISN'T creeped-out even just a little by clowns?), the 3D Fun House of Fears, and something referred to as "The Fog".

The gatekeeper to the Devil's Den, circa 2009

CLP was the only park I visited multiple times for my book (three, in fact).  Although I haven't been to Ghost Lake, I can vouch for a couple of the attractions, like the Devil's Den (a classic Pretzel dark ride from the 60s) and the Blue Streak coaster as being the real, old-fashioned, scary-but-fun deal.

And let's not forget that the Hotel Conneaut is haunted.  For reals:  It's also part of the Ghost Lake experience.

So what are you waiting for?  Oh, yeah.  that visit to the cardiologist ...


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