Friday, September 21, 2012

The Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver will be carrying "The Cotton Candy Road Trip"!!!

Have you ever visited this store?

The Tattered Cover has hosted
Lovely historic building, the main location for Tattered Cover.
  If you're a Denver, CO local, you most likely have.  The Tattered Cover's been around since 1971.  It's huge, it's beautiful, in an historic building, has a great catalogue of books, and did I mention it's a Denver mainstay and lots of HUGE authors have signings (like that guy whose last name is uncannily similar to mine, minus the "l') there and it's a big deal for them to agree to carry my book?

It is, and it is, and it is.

"We at the Tattered Cover are
Look at this place!  It's beautiful - a REAL bookstore!
There's a process you go through to have your book carried there if you're self-published.  Last week when we visited Denver, I marched right in, armed with a copy of my book and my media kit and a horrible cold that was rather off-putting.  But I just got word today that either the book is that good or my red, flaky nose wasn't TOO off-putting.  Or both.

I'm so happy that folks in the Denver area will be able to sidle in to Tattered cover, take a look at my book, and bring home a copy.  A real bookstore.  And not just any bookstore.  Here's some specs:

Its one of the largest independent bookstores in the United States!!

And read more about them on this Tumblr page.  Interesting stuff this:

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