Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Revisiting old friends in Colorado.

In just a titch, Ben and I will be stepping off our plane at Denver International Airport and spending several days in our Other Home (nad, hopefully, Future Home): the Greater Denver area.  My mother-in-law, who I call Jeanmom, will be celebrating her 70th birthday.  And, because she's not one to stop a celebration short, she's adding a recommitment ceremony to her husband of 30 years to the mix.  I'll be singing "Simple", a simply beautiful song by k.d. lang - and will try not to blubber through the lyrics.  It will be a sweet and simple gathering in their backyard.  I'm sure God will be smiling down on them that day; he's been shining down on them for over thirty years now.

Later in the week, we'll be visiting some other dear ones: the folks and reindeer and llamas and The Jolly Bearded One himself at Santa's North Pole Workshop near Pike's Peak.  I visited the park for my book back in 2009.  This summer, their future was in peril due to the tremendous wildfires that ravaged the area.  I promised myself - and well as made an on-line declaration -  that I would visit the area very soon.  I'm making good on that promise.

Plus, I really need to have a convo with St. Nick about Christmas gifts.  Not really the ones I want for me, but the ones I want for others.  Turns out, three out of my 6 numbers for Powerball came up, but that only nets me seven bucks.  I'm sure the Jolly Old Elf will figure out a way for a big win by Christmastime.  I have lots of people to help.  And that includes a number of vintage parks.

Ben and me at the North Pole Workshop in September, 2009
The Garden of the Gods, Pike's Peak's Cog Railway and Manitou Springs are also on the itinerary, as is a visit to Denver's Tattered Cover Bookstore to drop off a copy of my book in hopes they'll approve it for inclusion on their shelves. And Ben's got a coaching lecture in the city as well.  All in all, a busy, bustling, exciting trip!  Can't wait to see our old friends again.

And that means you two!  I'm counting on you to remember me and looking forward to our heartfelt reunion!

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