Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just settin' out in the Boondocks

After visiting Deadwood, South Dakota, home of rootin' tootin'ness, casinos, and formerly of loose women (the town fell into a state of collapse after prostitution was made illegal), we ventured back toward Custer and found a place called Boondocks at the side of the road.  The photo above is one of the rescued amusement park rides you'll find at Boondocks.

But wait - maybe you're more intrested in classic cars?  Good - they have them here at Boondocks, too.
It's like this one's smiling at me for adding it to my blogpost.

But maybe you're feeling a bit peckish?  That's fine - how about some soft serve here at the diner, one of those silver bullets diners you see in old movies.
(that's me, on the right; soda jerk on the left.  Coolness abounding)

That's it.  Just pondering on Boondock's, is all.

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