Monday, September 19, 2011

A writing milestone!

For those of you following along, you'll be pleased to learn that today marked a huge milestone in my book progress.  I've transcribed each and every note thus taken.  now the rest of the creative, fun works takes over.

I've written about 70% of the book already (not just notes, but fully-conceived and scribbled down), but the last 30% or so is now waiting for me to transform it into the same sort of magic that I modestly feel I've already attained with the rest.  And then the herculean task of sorting through literally thousands of photos.  Oy vey schmear, so many photos!!

But first, one last park to visit.  This Sunday.  Stay tuned to learn more about that.

Until then, please do enjoy this photo from Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, PA.
It's the Potato Patch Fries chef.  I choose to celebrate my milestone with the happy memory of too much potato.  Much too much potato.

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