Saturday, July 2, 2011

Third time = charm

Although in no way would I consider the other two visits to be less-than-charming, but the first time the park was just reopen. The second time, it rained - but we ran into the kids from "Paranormal State" so that was entertaining. But this time, I've got old friends to revisit and new adventures to tackle.

In just a few hours, we'll be Road Tripping out to Conneaut Lake Park - for the third time for this book. CLP is the only park that I'll be visiting three times for the book, for many reasons: it rose like a phoenix from the proverbial and actual ashes (after its magnificent ballroom burned to the ground), it continues to add attractions and rides, it refurbished the Blue Streak, its historic rollercoaster. For all intents and purposes, it should've closed years ago, if you consider many parks in similar situations have closed their gates, leaving their precious rides to rot. But CLP keeps on bringing it.

For that, and also for the fact that it has a dark ride called the Devil's Den that totally delights me, a neighboring hotel with a haunted past, and an amazing vintage carousel, Conneaut Lake Park was, is, and will continue to be one of my favorite parks on "The Cotton Candy Road Trip" - and one that tugs at my heartstrings like no other.  Heartstrings tugged?  Well, you'll just have to read my book to find out, won't you?

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