Monday, July 18, 2011

Oaks Amusement Park and Roller Rink featured on TNT's "Leverage"

I love the clever, gentle humor that infuses the TNT show, "Leverage".  Every episode keeps you guessing, with plot twists and turns designed to simultaneously rattle and amuse.  I adore this show and its cast;  been a Timothy Hutton fan since "Ordinary People", and his co-stars are top-notch, fearless actors.

My hubby and I were enjoying this past weekend's episode, "The van Gogh Job" when I leaped forth from my comfy couch and yelled, "Hey!  That's Oaks Park!", having recently been there as part of the Road Trip   Besides a great vintage amusement park, the grounds include a time capsule of a roller rink; I recognized its charming green and white painted entrance.

The enclosed link contains a great article on the filming at Oaks in Portland, OR, which has been used as a backdrop for not one but two episodes!

I love seeing my Cotton Candy Road Trip locations up on the big (and little) screen!

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