Saturday, May 28, 2011

For my 300th post: A 45th Anniversary Tribute
They're hiding in the basement: grainy 8MM movies of my family's first visit to Disneyland back in 1966. I was all of three years old and there's footage of me wearing a bucket hat and kiddie sunglasses. There's also a long segment of Pam running in circles; but that's just par for the course and an ode to my temperament over the years.

The real treasure of the footage is approximately five glorious minutes taken while riding "It's a Small World". I clearly remember the images of the Parisian dancing girls and their flirtatious winks, the comical penguins, and Cleopatra, majestically reclining on her settee. My parents were so taken with the magic, color and spectacle of the experience; I kept hoping the ride would stop so I could hop out of our boat and join in with the dancing kids!

Happy 45th birthday to a true Disney classic. And thank you Mary Blair, for sharing your talent and sense of play with the world.

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