Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brilliant idea for Conneaut Lake Park! Vote Daily!
Conneaut Lake Park is on the upswing, after having a bad run of luck a few years back, when the park was closed for two years, the ballroom burned down (really wrecking the midway area), and things got so bad the park was used as a backdrop in a film depicting a post-apocalyptic world, "The Road".

Just last year, the park won a Pepsi Refresh Everything grant for $50,000 to help restore its rollercoaster. Now the park is looking to utilize Pepsi Refresh Everything again, for a really innovative idea: a fresh new use of the midway space! The trustees are hoping to win another grant in order to turn the midway into an artisan mall, featuring local artists' work. Brilliant and creative!

Vote daily to help not only the park get more business, but to encourage economic growth in the community of Conneaut Lake!

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