Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gratitude for Oprah... and a whole lot more.

Just finished watching the series finale of "The Oprah Show" and I'm still rather emotional about the whole thing. I mean, it's like she's been there for me, for almost half my life, someone I could count on at 9 A.M., to bring a little light and inspiration into my day.

In her final show, she gave viewers her personal email address to write to her, to check in with her, let her know what matters to them. And she promised to read as many of the emails as she could.

So I did it; before writing this blog post, before checking emails, before (gasp!) updating my status on Facebook, I wrote to Oprah and thanked her for reminding me to keep an attitude of gratitude. I know, that hits some people as rather corny, but I feel it's the act of acknowledging the gifts God gives you when you take time to be grateful every day.

My gratitude list, right off the top of my head, at this moment, in my office, after a thunderstorm, with a stream of gray light shining in:

I'm so very grateful for my wonderful husband; my dad (who, although he's battling dementia and a string of physical ailments, still smiles in a way that brings a rainbow into any room he's in); for Ivy - my dainty beaglette; for my home; my car (which is in the shop for maintenance, NOT a huge repair!!); my talents of acting, speaking with a clear voice, oral interpretation, mimicry, and singing which have given me the ability to earn a living for over twenty years; my intuition; the money I DO have; the angels that have been with me on my travels for my book, "The Cotton Candy Road Trip", who constantly urge me on and bring amazing stories to me in serendipitous ways; my wacky and wonderful friends; my kick-boxing, kick-ass, vegan, tattooed cousin; and for God, the Universe, The Great Mystery.

So thanks, Oprah, for reminding me that when I'm grateful, a powerful light works through me, setting the stage to create miracles wherever I go.

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