Friday, April 29, 2011

What's next on the Cotton Candy Road Trip agenda...

I'm almost afraid to say it, but we'll be going to Oregon.

Why am I a'feared? Because if it's anywhere as rainy there as it's been here the last two weeks, I think I'll go bonkers. I'll climb to the top of a tall building with my umbrella (must keep my hair in place) and just jump off. I'll go eye-crossingly, jabber-jowlingly mad.

But instead of going down that path, why not let's be positive? I mean, it might be bright and Crayola yellow sunny there, like it is today here in beautiful Elmhurst, right?

(Fingers crossed to the point that I can't type.)

The two parks on the agenda include the Enchanted Forest theme park and Oaks amusement park. They're pretty different from one another, with Oaks being a traditional park and Enchanted Forest being, well, an enchanted forest.

But more about that next week. 'til then, why not try wrapping your head around the, um, photograph of the head above from Enchanted Forest. With people in the mouth. Cuz why not?

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