Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Good things come in small, itty bitty packages...

...like Storyland, part of Carousel Park in New Orleans' massive, "twice as big as Central Park" City Park. That's me knockin' on the door. Do me a favor, open the door and let me in!
Well, no one responded, eventhough I keyed in the musical combination that played Mozart (or was it Rachmoninoff?), so I continued my tour through the park, encountering a melange of storybook characters and scenarios, like Jack and the proverbial Beanstalk:

Perhaps he was escaping from the dragon who's menacing behind me in this photo:

But while I was winding up my visit to Storyland and ready to venture forth into the main amusement park, I had to quickly close the gate behind me so I didn't let out this little guy, who I believe had me mistaken for someone named "Mary" for some reason and I got this feeling that anywhere that I went he would be sure to go:

Dodged that one. Although I'm sure it would make the children laugh and play to see a lamb. I guess they're easily amused that way.

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