Monday, April 11, 2011

Upside-Down Amusement Park to open in Myrtle Beach, FL

Sorry, but it's not an amusement park. Not anymore than a children's museum could be considered an amusement park. It's a building, first of all. And, hello? It's full of interesting exhibits, but no rides.

It's not an amusement park, so stop saying it's one. The article I read goes on to say it's an "amusement park for the mind." Well then, maybe I should open my office as one, where people can interact with my Barbie collection (which I'll have suspended upside-down from the ceiling), stand on their heads while playing with my vintage Knip Knops and then attempt to use my Etch-a-Sketch while spinning in my office chair.

It's a roadside attraction. Remember those? All it is is a souped-up Mystery House or Mystery Spot (visit to learn more)where visitors would be stunned and amazed by all manner of things defying physics, like water running from a faucet at an angle or a ball rolling up the wall. I respect a roadside attraction that actually admits that's what they are. More power to 'em!

Signed, Lil' Miss Cranky Pants(who visits ACTUAL amusement parks, comprised of rides and attractions, most of which are outdoors and not confined to one big oddly-shaped building designed as such to attract people from the roadside!)

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