Monday, February 7, 2011

"Sorry. Your park is too young."

I hate having to tell folks that. SO many people greet my book with gallons of enthusiasm and there've been a few times when folks mention their favorite park, only to be met with my sadly down-turned eyes, my shoulders rumpling down a bit, while I prepare to tell them the worst.

It happened during a voice-over session today. During a break, we talent got to talking (we talk in front of the mic, when we're off the mic, any chance we get; we're a chatty lot), so I brought up Cotton Candy and both guys were really curious about it. Then one gentleman's' eyes widened and a smile sparked his face.

"Hey -- will you be visiting my park? It's been a favorite of ours for a long time." Years just fell off him as he added some details about "his" park. He then mentioned the park's name, throwing me into my "gosh golly" excuse mode. I hate having to tell folks that the parks I'm visiting need to be forty years old or older as of the time of my visit, and watching their crests fall. This guy's park was built in 1975, a youngin' by my standards.

And in case you're wondering: no, I shan't name the park. Just makes me too darned sad.

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