Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Born in a blizzard back in the Sixties...

No, not a line from some little-known song by the Monkees. It's actual fact. I was born eversomany years ago during a blizzard. As the family legend goes, either my parents were nervous about getting my Mom to the hospital in time due to the weather or, after I came plumbling into this world, they made my parents stay at the hospital a day longer than usual, for fear that the tiny Turlow family, with new addition Pamela Ann (pink ribbon firmly Scotch taped onto head) would get stuck in the snow on the way back home. As we lived only fifteen minutes from said hospital, either portion of this legend stands up as testament to the fact that, yes, it was some humdinger of a storm.

I hear the wind picking up outside now, rooshing around the side of the house and rattling the windowpane. It's going to be a doozy, "Snowzilla" as it were. But since I was born during a blizzard, this somehow feels "right".

This past year had more ups and downs than Seabreeze Park's "Jack Rabbit" coaster (my most white-knuckling ride of 2010, actual ride-wise). Floods and confusion, enormously rewarding artistic ventures, and jobs that came and went with a sonic boom. Still, I weathered those personal storms, and now I'm feeling such a brilliant, warm upsurge of energy that it brings tears to my eyes. God provides and brings miracles. I needed that turbulence to clear out what wasn't needed, thus allowing space for miracles to tumble in. I feel that this upcoming storm is simply energetically sealing the deal.

So, I'm wearing an ethereal t-shirt stating thus: "I Survived the Blizzard I Came in With, All the Blizzards I've Been Given, and will Continue to Tackle the Highs and Lows, Including the Ones Provided by Nifty Wooden Coasters!"

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  1. Dag, your writing just keep getting better and better. It's going to be exciting to see how this all fits in with the "story" of the final book. It truly is quite a roller coaster journey that you've been on.