Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Astrologically-speaking, it's a great time to go on the Road Trip

The next leg of the Road Trip is nigh. And energies seem very high across the board (yes, do allow me to wax esoteric here for a bit).

Yesterday was a bumper day, when I learned about some things that were otherwise hidden that are of great benefit, when I got a great response from one of my "parks to be visited", and when I also launched my new blog on my voice-over career. Then this morning I found an email newsletter from a particular astrologer whom I tend to agree with and/or glean great things from. Read this:

The mix of Uranian-Aquarius and Aries energies this week gives us a sample of the herky jerky energy to come. In this transmission from the Akashic Records, the energies for February are described as jerks forward. Writes, Jen Eramith, "It is very similar to the feeling of climbing onto a roller coaster and sitting down in your seat, buckling up and when the roller coaster first starts to move, it jerks you forward."

Pretty crazy, huh? I mean, this is exactly the kind of energy that's needed when going on my trips. I actually embrace it. A little herky jerkiness here and there makes me feel alive, reminds me of my mortality, gives me that little wake-up call about my journey and its importance.

Photo: Leap-the-Dips coaster at Lakemont Park. Opened in 1902. Oldest operating roller coaster in the world. Yes, it has that golden "herky jerky" moment.

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