Sunday, October 17, 2010

Park #23 has been visited -- and I have a Magic Key to prove it!

Once upon a time, a magical storybook park called Children's Fairyland came to be. Built in the middle of a rambling city park in Oakland, CA, it's thrilled children for sixty, count ;em, SIXTY years! Heaped in history, colored by touches of whimsy throughout, it not only entertains little ones, but encourages literacy through a variety of literature-themed scenes and activities. It's a gentle, safe and, most of all, enchanted place for all to explore. Oh, and it has an incredible puppet theatre where Frank Oz first learned his craft. How do I know? I given an incredible backstage tour of the space and spied some marionettes dating back to the late 60s which were clothed by Mr. Oz's mother, a very talented seamstress.

And now I'm the proud owner of a genuine Fairyland magic key which allows me access to all the recorded storybooks throughout the park. Including the one of the Merry Miller (dating back to the 50s) which is voiced in part by none other than Boris Karloff. I learned the keys sold back in the 50s still work today, thus tying in past generations with the present. And the future.

May Children's Fairyland live happily ever after.

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