Monday, October 18, 2010

On the boardwalk...

My clearest memories of whiling away time on an oceanside boardwalk were spent near Brighton on a blowy day in November about twenty years ago. It was a pensive visit, with plenty of time for pondering life and existence and the Cornish pasty I had for dinner the night before.

Yesterday's visit to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk was different in every possible way, except the weather part. The rain toyed with me for hours (coaxing a visit to an Urban Outfitters for a brolly -- a "raining cats & dogs" design), but in the end, it held no power whatsoever over the joy to be found on the Boardwalk (Rides! Arcade! Indoor Mini Golf! Pirates!). Except a few rides were closed for safety reasons due to the precipitation. But that didn't include the Haunted Castle dark ride. I lived to tell that tale (tune in to a near future blog post for more) and not only lived, but thrived. And thrived enough to take down some chocolate-covered bacon and a deep fried Twinkie.

Just say those words: "deep friend Twinkie" and try to fight the urge to make one yourself. Recommended accoutrements: powdered sugar dust and chocolate sauce for dipping. And a Twinkie twinkle in your eye, the kind of twinkle reserved primarily for those under the age of twelve.

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk is THE actual Pleasure Island, except no children are stolen and turned into donkeys.

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