Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Keansburg Amusement Park re-opens THIS SATURDAY!

Miracles are afoot in Keansburg.  Months after being devastated by Hurricane Sandy, this stalwart little vintage park, the jewel of the town, is set to re-open to much fanfare this very Saturday.  I'm so excited for them and my heart aches that I can't be at the ribbon-cutting ceremony, but I'm out in Chicago and can't make it there, so I'll be living vicariously through Facebook updates and news posts online.

Here are a few from my 2011 visit to the park.  This July, I'll be updating them when I finally get to re-visit this park that embodies the phrase "Jersey Strong".

Spook House vehicle sporting a groovy-scary paint job.
Arcade game.  Very "Danny and Sandy" from "Grease"
Caterpillar kiddie ride

The carousel.

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