Thursday, May 9, 2013

Holy Mary Blair! Check out the "It's a Small World" Android app!!

This ardent Mary Blair fan just got a boost to her soul on this fine Thursday morning.  Never mind that she'll be recording a NEW interview for her book on a Pittsburgh-area radio station - THIS may have topped it!!!

At the left you'll find a screen shot for the new "It's a Small World" Android app! My fingers are actually ITCHY this very moment because I know I need to write at least this teaser blog post about it FIRST before I can actually download the app.  But I'm definitely going to review it in an upcoming blog post.

Imagine me, the ultimate Mary Blair fan, carrying around a part of one of my favorite rides from any Disney park along with me wherever I go?!

It's a Small Blair!!!! 

From the app's website: Enter this delightful world filled with vibrant settings, and meet fantastical friends along the way. Travel through the Snowy Alps, dusty plains, calm seas, and more as you tour different regions around the world. From beloved Disney characters to toy soldiers and mermaids, encounter new and familiar faces throughout your travels. With so much to see, start your joyful journey today!

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