Monday, July 30, 2012

Next book signing is at Nest Vintage Modern!!

Walking into Nest Vintage Modern in Brookfield, IL is like entering a sunny kitchen back in the 1950s, full of homey household items, groovy giftware, and pots that go "gloop".  I'll get to the pots in a second.

When I met Alana, the proprietor, I felt immediately welcome and it was apparent that we liked many of the same things, like vintage goodness - and road trips.  In fact, I noticed a few items that were connected with vintage campers and such.  So I was thrilled when, after bringing up about "The Cotton Candy Road Trip", Alana cooked up the swell idea to host a book singing at her brand-new store (apparently, she's had a following online for a while; the brick and mortar store is an exciting new endeavor).

Country Rose - Online StoreSo if you're in the area on Friday, August 3 at 6:30 PM, please stop by, meet and greet me (or maybe you know me already - then meet Alana!), and, for heaven's sake, take home a Gurgle pot.  It goes "gloop" when you pour water out of it.  Here's the pot at the left.  Actually, it doesn't just go "gloop"; it's more like "gluh,gluh, GLOOP, gluh"

It will make your dinner tons more fun when you serve a fine beverage out of this little guy.  You'll smile more.

And that's really what it's all about, now isn't it?

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