Monday, February 20, 2012

Kiddieland's German Carousel on Ebay!!!

I buy the Powerball twice a week.  I mean, someone has to win it and it might as well be me.  Because I've got plans.  Big plans.

One of those plans has to do with this particular Ebay auction.  I urge you to click on the link above and feast your eyes on the crowning jewel of the rides which ran at my beloved Kiddieland for decades, the German Carousel.  Kiddie-sized, colorful, rarest of the rare.  To scan through all the photos in the Ebay listing is like entering the time tunnel back to your childhood, where you could amble onto one of the mini sportscars and pretend you were Speed Racer.

So, please send all the positive vibes you can for this ride, that it ends up in the right hands, with someone who truly treasures it and will care for it for decades to come.  Like me.  If I win the Powerball this Wednesday, I will purchase this carousel (there - you have it in writing) and gift it to the first park that can prove to me it will give it a good forever home.

Knoebel's, are you reading this???  Del Grosso's, would you be interested???

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