Monday, February 6, 2012

Choosing pictures for the book. Not to diminish the weight of "Sophie's Choice", but...

I'm in the throes of choosing photos to include in my book.  Publishing will occur very, very soon.  I'm reading through all 300+ pages, combing through to see what images I definitely need to add.  It's been arduous, mostly because I have literally thousands to pick from.

What makes this time a little easier is knowing that once "The Cotton Candy Road Trip" is published and out, the next project will be the coffeetable book offering of the "best of the best" of the photos, taken not only at the 40+ parks, but at a number of honorable-mention parks and places.  So I know that, although I am fastidiously limiting my photos in the main book to about four per park, there will be another way to show of amazing ride vehicles, vintage structures, and those heavenly carousels.  Not to mention the mechanical fortune tellers...

Wish me luck on this leg of the "Road Trip".  It's been a trying one.

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