Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Iconic Log Ride at Knott's Berry Farm Gets an Update!!,0,5696268.story

 Knott's Berry Farm

My memories of the Knott's Berry Farm log ride are from 1971, when my Mom and I rode it during the only "girls' only" vacation we ever took.  I recall the drop down at the end, the steepness of the flume, the splash of the water, the giggles of delight (from both of us).

It's heartening to know that Knott's will be re-furbishing this iconic ride, and utilizing some concept art from its early days.  This is a beautiful ride, considered by many to be THE best log flume ride out there.  I think I'd tend to agree.

When I visited Knott's in 2011 for my book, it was a blowy, cold day and I wasn't able to ride the log flume.  I actually became rather emotional about it, because I was planning to ride it in my Mom's memory.  But I think Mom would be proud of this great vintage park and its moving into the future, while embracing its past.

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