Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Enjoy a visit to a California vintage park ... like Santa Cruz Boardwalk!

Full confession: I woke up with California on my mind.  This often happens throughout a usual Chicago day, but not at the very crack of the day.  Probably had something to do with the fact that a couple I know recently moved to Palm Springs, and another couple I know (family, even!) are planning a move to Orange County in the very near future.

Walked the dog today and brrrrrr..... the temperature outside was QUITE conducive to California Dreaming

And when I think of Cali and the beach and warmer climes, my mind drifts back to our visit to Santa Cruz Boardwalk, a place that has it all, including an award-winning roller coaster, the Big Dipper; an awesome haunted house dark ride, the Haunted Castle, and one of the prettiest carousels you'll ever see (which celebrated it's 100th anniversary just a few years ago).

To whet your appetite for a trip out West, dig the following photos:

They have a great seleciton of vintage games in the Casino arcade.

You can't go wrong with gargoyles ...

Yours truly enjoying the incredible carousel.


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