Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Vintage Amusement Park Gifts are Ready for the Holidays!

Folks, there's still time to purchase some amazing items from my Zazzle store in time for your holiday gift giving.  Imagine your best friend sporting a t-shirt with an image of the lucky elephant ride from Del Grosso's Park.  Or a special trinket box sporting the eerie visage of "grandma fortune teller" from Santa Cruz Boardwalk?  Or, bet yet, a 2013 calendar featuring vintage amusement park photos I took while traveling about for my book!

Come on.  You KNOW you want a throw pillow emblazoned with this guy's face (the front of a ticket booth from Salem Willows which date back to the late 19th century!)

And, of course, there's my book.  I recently met with some folks who were so moved and inspired by it, that they've made some big changes in their lives - or are planning to do so for the new year.  This from a book about vintage amusement parks?  Yes, indeed.  And I'm honored to have been instrumental in these changes.

If you're interested in a book, please contact me via email and I'll ship out an autographed copy in time to hide it under your Christmas tree!

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