Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Modern Family" goes to Disneyland!!!

Photos Of The “Modern Family”
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, hands down my favorite "Modern Family" cast members
And to think: just a few weeks ago, Ben and I were at Disneyland, possibly traipsing in their very footsteps!  And, like Mitchell and Cam, donning our Mickey ears!  The mind boggles!

Mike Brady from The BradyI haven't been this excited since the Partridge Family visited King's Island in Ohio!!  Remember that episode?  With the family riding the carousel and Keith totally dismal and bored, sitting like a grumpy duck in the carousel coach?  And then the next year, in 1973, even MORE "TV Families Scream Just Like WE Do When Riding a Rollercoaster!" when the Brady Bunch visited the same park!  Remember Mike's blueprint and the madcapness surrounding it?  Remember his perm?

A few years later, my parents took my friend Shannon and me to the Greater Cincinnati area to visit King's Island and I clearly remember trying to retrace Peter Brady's steps:

"Squeeeee!  Shannon - didn't they ride this roller coaster?"

"Yes!  Let's ride it and pretend we're Jan and Marcia, cuz I have braces and you don't and you're taller than me!"

At any rate, tonight's installment of "Modern Family" is set at The Happiest Place in Earth and I simply can't wait to see what hijinx will ensue!  Who will get sick on the Teacup ride?  Which Dunphy will get mistaken for the Cast Member playing Cruella DeVille? These and many questions will be answered in a scant few hours!

To whet your appetite, here's the Entertainment Tonight preview of the episode:

Partridge Family 3rd Season DVDs being discontinued - Kings Island - KingsAnd, in case you're interested in reliving your favorite childhood TV memories:

Brady Bunch at Kings Island

The Partridge Family, David

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