Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And then there's this place.

While driving out to Deadwood, in search of gambling machines both Ben and I provided voices for (these are the whizbang ones with stereophonic sound and lots of gaming levels), we came upon Boondock's. It's like a small 50s town just sprang up in the middle of the Black Hills, as if someone planted some Retro Seeds and it just grew there. No, it's not technically a vintage amusement park. It rather defies description. Is it fun? You bet your bippy it is!

We had soft serve custard and took in the memorabilia store and visited the museum which houses some truly amazing finds, like a Studebaker collection... and Archie Bunker's hat. And tin doll houses like the one I had as a kid.

And they have rides. I asked around and learned that the owner assembled this collection from defunct parks across the country. This guy obviously "gets" that they're worth preserving.

And that makes Boondock's worth a visit and very worthy of an Honorable Mention in my "Road Trip".

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